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Asbestos can become a serious issue when not dealt with properly on any construction and demolition site. It can stop construction in its tracks and cost a hefty sum of money if not dealt with properly and in a timely manner.  Here at Feltham Groundworks, we’re all about making your life easier with our specialist demolition services.

We've removed asbestos in garage roofs and walls, houses, nursing homes, offices, schools, and more. Whether you need to removal and dispose of 'notifiable asbestos' or 'non-notifiable asbestos', we can help.

We have used our knowledge and experience to conduct asbestos surveys for licensed asbestos removal across many industrial and residential housing projects.

If you’re in need of asbestos removal in London, Surrey or Middlesex, and require an asbestos survey before commencing your demolition project, get in touch. We will take care of your headache and management the entire process, at an affordable price.

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How are Asbestos Surveys conducted?

The first step of any licensed asbestos removal process is the asbestos survey, which is always conducted by a qualified asbestos surveyor. We will send one of our surveyors to your construction or demolition project to conduct a thorough survey of your site.

We will then determine if there is any asbestos present on your job, and what type of asbestos it is.

There are generally two types of asbestos:

1. Notifiable Asbestos
2. Non-Notifiable Asbestos

Notifiable asbestos is highly dangerous and needs a specialist asbestos removal company to get rid of, while non-notifiable asbestos is less dangerous and can be safely removed by the professionals on our team. We will of course dispose of it 100% responsibly.  

Once we have conducted this survey and have determined the type of asbestos located on your construction site, if any, we can begin to move forward with asbestos removal if necessary. Asbestos can be found on several surfaces, and we can remove asbestos from floor tiles, bitumen floors, popcorn ceilings, artex walls, roofs, and garage structures. Wherever your site has asbestos, we can tackle it and safely remove it.

How to remove asbestos safely

It is highly dangerous to remove asbestos yourself and is not recommended under any circumstances. Inhaling even just a small amount of asbestos can lead to lung cancer and a variety of serious illnesses. This is why it’s important to conduct a professional asbestos survey before beginning any demolition or construction projects.  

If our survey confirms asbestos on your demolition site, the first step is to clear the site completely of anything the asbestos could contaminate if airborne, such as clothes, and furniture. Once the site is cleared and secured, our team of trained professionals will enter your construction site wearing protective equipment and full body hazmat suits. They will cover the area that needs to be cleared in a thick polythene sheeting and airlock the area to ensure no asbestos escapes. The area contaminated with asbestos will be cleared and safely removed.

Asbestos removal regulations

As the removal of asbestos is dangerous and requires care and attention, there are a series of regulations for removal to be taken into consideration. The following are some of the asbestos removal regulations that you need to consider before beginning any construction or demolition projects.

- Taking appropriate steps to determine if there are any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) present. If any is found, the amount, location and condition need to be recorded. This is the asbestos survey that we will be conducting.

- Presuming that materials contain asbestos unless there is strong evidence to indicate otherwise.

- Producing and maintaining up-to-date records of the location and condition of all ACMs.

- Assessing the risk of the identified materials.

- Preparing a plan that clearly sets out in detail how the asbestos risks will be managed.

- Taking the necessary steps to put the plan into action.

- Reviewing and monitoring the plan and arrangements to act on it so that it remains relevant and up to date.

- Providing information on the location and condition of the ACMs to anyone who is liable to work on or disturb them.

How much do Asbestos Surveys cost?

The cost of our asbestos surveys starts at £500, and are priced depending on the size and complexity of the jobs. If you are not sure whether you require a survey, get in touch with us first and we will assess the situation. You may find that your project has non-notifiable asbestos which means we can dispose of everything and save you the cost of the asbestos survey.

How much does Asbestos cost to removal?
Like with the asbestos surveys, the cost to remove asbestos depends on the size of the project, the type of asbestos found, and the detailed work required. If you call us, we will be happy to provide a quick estimate over the phone and then a more detailed quotation once we have had a chance to visit the site.

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