Demolition Contractors in Woking | A Guide to Proper Waste Management

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A considerable amount of the waste produced in the UK comes from the construction and demolition industry. In 2016, construction and demolition in the UK generated 66.2 million tons of waste. That’s why, as a demolition company, we need to ensure proper waste management is in place for every project in Woking. This helps reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability within our industry. At Feltham Groundworks Services Ltd, our demolition contractors take an environmentally considerate approach and we aim to recycle at least 95% of waste. Whether undertaking building strip outs, groundworks or other services, we provide suitable waste management for your project.

We offer various solutions for site clearance and waste removal, including operated mini digger hire and grab hire in the Woking area. There are various benefits to waste management plans, such as:

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 made it a legal requirement for businesses to control their waste. This covers the production, import/export, transportation, storage, treatment and disposal of waste.

Health & Safety
As a demolition company dedicated to health and safety, we do all we can to maintain the highest standards on your site in Woking or the nearby areas. Waste management is one way we do this.

From building strip outs to groundworks, we properly segregate and remove waste materials. This minimises hazards to protect workers and members of the public from accidents. If you need reliable site clearance solutions, our operated mini digger hire and grab hire are ideal.

Responsible Practices
By putting proper waste management plans in place, our demolition contractors limit the amount of waste your job produces and make sure as much as possible goes for recycling. They also ensure suitable disposal methods. This helps conserve natural resources and minimises the amount of waste in landfill.

Waste Management in Woking

Operating as a demolition company, Feltham Groundworks Services Ltd offers a range of services. These include site clearance and muck away solutions.

While our operated mini digger hire is perfect for all kinds of projects, it is an ideal option for handling and managing waste materials. Because we provide an experienced driver, you know your project is in safe hands.

Furthermore, when undertaking demolitions, building strip outs or groundworks in the Egham and Woking areas, we provide tailored waste management and disposal plans. With over 30 years of combined experience, our demolition contractors ensure ongoing safety and efficiency while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach.

To talk to our demolition contractors about any of the services we provide in Woking and the surrounding areas, please give us a call on 0800 702 2606 or 07866 495670.

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